At Eternal Art Monument Company you are treated like family. We are a family owned business and we know how important family is. We enjoy hearing our customer’s stories and memories and strive to preserve those memorable times with something unique and special in every monument we craft. It is commonplace for us to just be walking down the street, or grabbing a few things from the store and have someone approach us just to say they were happy with a monument that we had created for them or a loved one. When someone is ready to buy a monument we will take all the time that’s needed to make sure that we get every single detail just the way they would like. That is why we provide full color proofs for every single monument or memorial we craft absolutely free of charge. This way we know that everyone gets exactly what they wanted.

The thank you cards below are not type written or formal testimonials. Instead they are the thank yous that we appreciate the most. Hand written and heart felt.

We hope that when you are ready for a memorial or monument that you will let us be a part of your family by becoming part of ours.