Monument is the name typically given to the larger group of granite memorials. Monuments can virtually be almost any shape or size and be crafted from any available color suitable for making of granite monuments. Monuments come with granite bases at no additional charge, unlike markers and slants. There are a few standard or common shapes for monuments, but anymore, we can make a monument almost any shape that you want. To see some examples of how custom shaped monuments can be made please take the time to view our custom monument page.

In the photo album below you can see a variety of standard shaped monuments compared in the three main color groups, Black or Dark, Browns or Reds, and Grays or Lights. Typically when pricing a monument the lighter colors are less expensive.

Eternal Art Monument Company would be glad to quote a monument or memorial for you in any of our standard shapes or custom shapes at no charge. We offer free color proofs when you order a monument from us, and we pride ourselves on being original in design and competitive in our pricing.

Please take the time to view all of the pages on this site to help you better understand the possibilities when choosing a memorial or monument for you or a loved one.