Terms & Definitions

When choosing a Memorial there are certain terms used by the Monument Industry that are sometimes confusing for the customers unless they have something visual to help them better understand these terms. We hope that you will find this information useful in helping select an appropriate memorial.

Bevel Marker: Bevel Markers are placed on a cement or granite foundation which is flush in the ground. The wording is placed on the slightly tilted flat on a foundation and the wording is placed on the slightly tilted or “beveled” top.

Slant: Slants are memorials that again get their name from the way the face of memorial is angled. At a slant. Slants are usually not placed on bases but instead sit directly on a foundation. Slants come in a variety of sizes to accommodate either one or two persons. Matching granite bases are sometimes used with Slants but this then brings their cost closer to the cost of smaller upright monuments.

Monuments: Monument is the name typically given to all upright granite tablets that sit on granite bases regardless of their shape, size or color. The lettering on Monuments is typically located on the fronts and backs of the tablets. Monuments are required to have adequate foundations like Bevel Markers and Slants but come with granite bases at no additional charge.

Base: A base is a piece of granite that is placed underneath monument tablets but sits on top of the foundation. Bases are usually 6 to 8 inches tall and are 6 inches deeper and 12 inches longer than the tablet. These bases may have any number of polished sides and are usually the same color as the tablets that sit on top of them.

Foundation: A foundation is what gives each monument its stability. Foundations can range in depth from about 4 inches to 4 feet deep depending on the requirements of the cemetery where the monument is to be placed. The norm is about 4 inches. These foundations can be made from pouring wet concrete into the ground, or setting a pre-cast concrete or granite foundation in the ground at ground level. We recommend granite foundations for durability.

Footer: The footer is the preparation that is required before a foundation is installed. Depending on soil types and geographic locations footers are usually created from compacting sand or gravel and then leveling at an appropriate grade and depth.

Polishes: Monuments are usually sold with three different polish choices. “Polish 2” means that the front, and back are polished and top and sides are left what we call in the monument industry “ Balance Rock Pitched” or with a rough natural stone look. “Polish 3 means the front, back & top are all polished and “Polish 5” means that every visible side of the stone is polished