The Muscoda Area Veteran’s Memorial

No company could be more honored than Eternal Art Monument Co. for being selected to erect the Muscoda Area Veteran’s Memorial. This unique, one a kind memorial was designed by Roddy & Lorinda Dull and inspired by this beautiful area that has called to duty so many of it’s young men and women to protect and defend our freedom. The free spirit, back to nature design of this memorial has a 30 foot shape of an eagle imbedded in the center of the concrete walkways. The eagle not only stands for freedom and honor, but by design offers a symbol of respect to a Native American population that once lived here and still occupies land in the Muscoda area. The memorial is designed to be viewed from many angles, not really having a front or back. There will be nine black granite tablets in the memorial, similar to the one shown at the top of this page, when the project is finished. Each tablet will sit at a different height in the mounded areas throughout the memorial and have area veteran’s names on each side of each tablet. At the top of each stone, on each side, their will be a scene hand etched by Lorinda-Larson Dull that will give due respect to different times in our military history.

Members of a Muscoda Area Veteran’s Memorial group raised virtually all of the funds necessary to complete the project in just over two years. Eternal Art Monument Co. assisted the group in their fundraising by making an exact scale model of the project for the group to display, by donating signs and banners to help the group draw awareness to the project and by donating all of the etchings on all of the stones to help make the project more affordable.

Even though this project was bid prior to the 2007, 2008 recession and the $4.00 a gallon fuel crisis, Eternal Art Monument Company plans to complete the project at or under the budget quote from 2007.

This beautiful memorial is scheduled to be dedicated on Memorial Day, Monday May 25th 2009. The dedication is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.

If your Veteran’s or Civic Group is considering erecting a memorial we hope that you would consider Eternal Art Monument Company. Eternal Art Monument company will not only offer you exciting new ideas in monument design but would be honored to work with your group in anyway possible from the planning, to the fund raising and finally the finished project.

We would be honored to serve you.