Monument Etching has become very popular over the past several years. It gives the customer a chance to tell a story about the person, place or event that the monument was created for. Our etchings are not laser etchings but instead original works of art hand etched by Lorinda Larson Dull. Lorinda’s etchings can be seen on a variety of monuments and memorials all over the midwest.

At one time Lorinda traveled between monument companies enhancing their monuments with her etching talents but now is the exclusive monument artist for Eternal Art Monument Co. Today most monument companies that etch on granite use the laser etching process because it is less expensive than employing a full time monument artist. We believe that the hand etched art is superior for a couple of reasons. We believe that hand etching goes deeper into the granite and as a result virtually lasts forever. We also believe that it is easier to make original scenes from many different pictures when leaving the composition up to the artist’s eye instead of a machines rendition.

Look closely at the hand etched art of Lorinda Larson Dull shown at the top and bottom of this page and then view the monument etching photo album on this page to see some of the endless possibilities when it comes to monument etching.